Architectural Reproductions Collection

This collection offers reproductions with unusual shapes and styles that were used many years ago.

Skilled artisans refurbish these antiques, taking care to leave in important character features. The mirrors & accessories come in a wide variety of custom finishes to match any decor. If you are unable to find the right fit from the standard finishes, ask us about a custom finish to meet your needs.

All mirror frames and accessories are produced with a special resin/pecan shell wood mix. The finest of mirror glass is used, and meets strict quality standards. These original mirror designs include new and inventive works that are unique in the often cookie cutter accessories marketplace. While some of their antique models are from Europe and other parts of the world, all products are manufactured in the U.S.A. This collection is very flexible and proficient with quick turn-around. (2-5 weeks)

Many original antique mirrors were made using pine wood with sculptured gesso. Over long periods of time the pine and gesso will dry and crack. In recreating these timeless designs, it is required to repair the imperfections but leave in elements that add character. The materials used capture the detail and weight of the original, but with much better durability. Expert craftsmanship, attention to fine details, and historic perspective help to achieve the integrity of the original antique.

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