Choosing a Kitchen Island


Choosing a Kitchen Island: 11 Things To Consider

The kitchen is the heart of the home, a place where the family and friends come together for cooking, dining, and socializing. And the centerpiece for your space? That’s the island. Unify all of your needs in one central work space.

1. Traffic flow: Ideally, an island should have 36 to 48 inches of space around all sides to accommodate foot traffic. The center of the room is not always the ideal place for an island, depending on your use of it. An island designed for food prep should be situated near outlets and appliances, while an island designed for cleanup should be situated near the dishwasher and waste disposal. An island designed around family time and alternative seating can offer convenience while you’re in the kitchen.


2. Size & seating: To use an island as an informal dining space, plan for at least 24 inches of width per person. For adequate legroom, make sure there’s a clearance of 9 to 13 inches between the knees and the bottom of the counter. Bar height counters are usually 42” using a 30” seat height stool, while counter heights are usually 36” H accommodating a counter stool with 24”h seat

If room allows, maybe you need two work spaces!


3. Keep your needs in mind: Your Island will be most beneficial to you when keeping your needs in mind. Do you like to bake? Do you need extra storage? Depending on how you use the kitchen, different countertop materials, designs, and features are recommended.


4. Convenience: If the kids like to do their homework in the kitchen, a two-tier, Multi-level Island is a great option. You can help them with assignments while cooking dinner at the same time.




 5. Clutter free: If you have a small kitchen and need extra countertop space to prep meals, your Island should offer a clean and clutter-free work surface.



You may want to use a drop leaf island when you have limited space, so you can raise it when needed, but store it down to save space.

6. Opt for display: Display shelves display your heirloom dishware, decorative baskets, cutting boards, and other everyday items, plus, this gives you more storage options


You may prefer closed display with glass or wire


There are also closed bin options or baskets for storage


Maybe you would like to add “wine options”?

You can do a wine box square, diagonal, or just use the open shelf and opt for hanging glasses underneath.


7. Central Theme & Design: The central island will be the focal point of your kitchen, so it’s the best place of any to use countertop material with high impact. If you’re going this route, think marble, granite, or recycled glass. Also consider features that will add visual appeal and extra benefits. The island below features granite with a sink.

Consider a unique blue stone island inlaid top.

Detailed leg moldings add character to a transitional-style kitchen, while also offering additional support.


This custom kitchen island with curved legs adds an appeal and heirloom feel.

8. Contrasting cabinet color: Increase your kitchen’s “wow” factor by using a contrasting cabinet color for your Island.  

Consider a designer like Mallery Hall who can create custom Art on your island to coordinate with your décor, or assist you with finish options.


9. Closet Islands: Consider a closet Island customized to fit your space. These offer neat alternatives to dressers and chests, and can feature locking drawers for jewelry, etc



10. Add extras: Built-in mechanics and features help to customize the island to your family’s needs. For example, additional electrical outlets help to make the kitchen workflow more efficient



11. Consider Options with your island design: You may need a butcher block for food preparation, or a matching hood top in your kitchen. 

Do you need storage options such as a trash bin? – or an island sink? Consider these things when designing your island, and contact Mallery Hall for assistance with your design needs.

Visit our contact page to Request a Quote and explore our array of Finish Options. Let the Mallery Hall Custom Hardwood Collection be the embodiment of sophistication and quality in your home.

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