Coastal, Rattan and Outdoor Collection


Introducing our Coastal, Rattan and Indoor Outdoor Furniture Collection, where the serene ambiance of coastal living is not only captured through colors but also encapsulated in a seamless blend of textures and tactile materials. This collection harmoniously combines patterns that evoke the beauty of seaside flora and fauna.

Immerse yourself in the restful feel of a coastal interior with a calming palette inspired by nature’s elements – driftwood, shells, dunes, and tawny sands. These hues transport you to the timeless season of sand-between-your-toes, creating an inviting escape. Sea-glass greens and Prussian blue waters, complemented by classic nautical stripes, signal a transition towards relaxed living that resonates with coastal charm.

Our Coastal Rattan Indoor Outdoor Furniture Collection is designed to bring the tranquility of coastal living to your home. Each piece is crafted to not only reflect the coastal color palette but also to provide a tactile experience that mirrors the feel of seaside textures. Sink into the comfort of our furniture and let the soothing aesthetic transport you to a coastal retreat.

Embrace the coastal lifestyle with our collection, where the essence of the seaside is translated into visual, tangible, and comforting elements. Create a space that invites relaxation and rejuvenation. Visit our contact page to explore the availability of our Coastal Rattan Indoor Outdoor Furniture Collection and transform your living space into a coastal haven.

Custom orders are welcomed with a 50% deposit, and the lead time varies depending on the production schedule, generally falling within 8-20 weeks. Freight charges are calculated upon arrival at our warehouse and will be added to your final invoice. Embrace the charm of Sweden with our Swedish Gustavian Collection, where traditional and modern design classics come together in perfect harmony.

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