Everything we create is uniquely designed for you!

At Mallery Hall, everything we design is unique, and uniquely for you. We take your pictures and ideas and bring them to life. We can also supply drawings of pieces to fit your needs. We assist you in your furniture choices, and design ideas. If you’re not sure what will fit, or look great in your space-we will help. We design furniture and ship all over the US and abroad. If you live in Georgia and need assistance with a remodel or larger design. We are here for you.

Our Design Philosophy



Provide an efficient solution to maximize your space.


Offer several design choices to create a solution that works for you.


Transform your area to create a beautiful space saving environment that meets all your expectations.


Your Mallery Hall Consultant is with you every step of the way and is committed to creating the best solution for your space.

Our Process


Step One

One of our Design Consultants will meet with you virtually to discuss your needs at your convenience and will tailor the appointment to meet your time constraints.

Step Two

After discussing your lifestyle, needs, and desired outcome, the Design Consultant will help you assess what is important to you and how to create the best use of your space.


Step Three

Pictures of your space will be evaluated and the Design Consultant will need accurate measurements. He or she will show you various options for your space, taking your needs and goals into consideration, along with Budget.

Step Four

The Design Consultant may suggest a design on the spot or arrange a time to share designs with you at a later date.


Step Five

Once the design is finalized, you will review the design details and pricing. Once the design details and pricing have been approved, a deposit for the proposed changes will be required.

Step Six

Installation of your items will occur according to your delivery needs.


Step Seven

Once your project is completed and your items delivered, you will receive a written warranty.  We would also appreciate the opportunity to take pictures after the project has been completed.

From the Custom Shoppe

Looking for examples of our work? Visit our Portfolio page to browse our recent creations and get inspired for your next project.

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