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The Gustavian Collection seamlessly blends traditional Swedish Gustavian and 20th-century design classics, encapsulating a Scandinavian theme that resonates with the essence of Sweden. This versatile furniture collection, ideal for your home, is available in various finishes and fabrics. By skillfully re-imagining Louis XV and XVI styles, we have made them suitable for everyday use, capturing the timeless elegance of traditional Gustavian design.

These designs offer fresh interpretations of French and European Classics, incorporating the style of beloved antique discoveries. Hand-carved in beech wood and other hardwoods using traditional craftsmanship, we can offer custom designs, in addition to unique and one-of-a-kind designs. We provide architectural drawings for bespoke items.

Drawing inspiration from both traditional Gustavian and 20th-century design classics, this collection exudes a Scandinavian charm that mirrors the rich design heritage of Sweden. Each meticulously crafted piece, whether resonating with the traditional Gustavian style or embodying the sleek elegance of 20th-century design, is hand-made and distinct from the one before it.

The beauty and brilliance of these pieces demand attention from your guests, creating a unique focal point that captures the essence of both traditional and contemporary Swedish design. Please take note of the dimensions of these glamorous pieces, as they are even more beautiful and grand in scale.

Custom orders are welcomed with a 50% deposit, and the lead time varies depending on the production schedule, generally falling within 8-20 weeks. Freight charges are calculated upon arrival at our warehouse and will be added to your final invoice. Embrace the charm of Sweden with our Swedish Gustavian Collection and best Bookcase with Ladder collection , where traditional and modern design classics come together in perfect harmony.

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