Hand Hammered Copper

It is the love for the traditional craft and meticulous attention to detail that make this Iron and Copper Collection unique. Each of our handmade items reflects the skill and dedication to quality of the craftsman who work on them.

All of our products are shaped by heating and hammering solid iron. No part is hollow tubing, or aluminum castings. Each piece is considered “one-of-a-kind “and comes with its unique characteristics. Our Limestone is hand cut from Egypt. This attention to detail takes more time, and is more difficult to produce. Our products are a bit more expensive, but are crafted for those who want real things.
Our copper is hand distressed, and finishes are hand applied.

It is this relentless effort that sets us apart from our competition. The results are heirloom quality products that will be enjoyed for many years to come.
Our heavy (16 gauge) copper tops add a classic elegant patina color pattern bringing a familiar comfort and charm while bold colors will add a refreshing pop of chic style. A single square foot of our heavy copper weighs over 1.4lbs. Our high quality Copper undergoes a variety of controlled processes to create a unique patina and color in every piece. Each piece is unique, you can expect slight variations in color and patina pattern; for a Lasting Impression in Home & Business Improvement Projects.

Please note, Custom sizes can be quoted.
Custom Orders are accepted with a 50% deposit. Lead time varies according to production schedule, but generally 8-20 weeks. Freight is calculated when your order arrives to our warehouse, and will be added to your final invoice.

Copper Finishes

We use a combination of acid and paint to create our COPPER VERDE which is a Verdigris (Greens & Turquoises) Our NATURAL finish is created using acid and charcoal, and our SANDED BROWN finish is a combination of heat and acid along with hand hammering finishing techniques.

Proper Care For Copper Furniture

We seal all of our copper with clear paste wax (copper should never be sealed with lacquer). To preserve the finish and to keep the copper sealed and protected against spills and oxidation, a thin coat of clear paste wax should be applied to the copper every few weeks, or as needed (when water no longer beads upon the surface). We like clear Briwax best, but Johnson’s, Minwax, or any other clear paste wax is fine.
The procedure is as follows:
First, apply a very thin coat of any commercially available furniture or wood floor paste wax; let dry for five to ten minutes. Then, you should buff to a glossy sheen using a clean, dry cotton cloth. Each additional thin coat of wax makes the copper look richer and more beautiful.
What do I do if my copper furniture becomes scratched or stained? For the most part, nothing!
Why? Copper is an amazing material that tends to heal itself over time with exposure to moisture in the air. Color tones in copper are fired directly into the copper. If the copper gets scratched or stained it’s only the micro surface that’s been affected, and the wax sealer probably was removed as well.
The best thing to do is leave the affected area alone and let it be exposed to the air until the copper begins to regain its original color (just like how a shiny copper penny turns brown). The amount of time required for this process varies, but it is typically on the order of a few weeks. Once the affected area has healed itself and the original color tones have recovered, the copper should be sealed again with paste wax to preserve and protect the finish. Though the scratch will not technically be removed, it will not be visible once it turns back to the original color.

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