Gothic Nubian Palace

Complete Custom Line By Mallery Hall!

Go back in time and experience the refined tastes of our Gothic Nubian Palace Collection, a tribute to the intricate beauty of Gothic architecture and old cathedrals.

This collection showcases wrought iron and hardwood furniture, featuring distinctive Gothic-style designs in bed heads, chair backs, and accented details. The typical pointed arch design, reminiscent of Gothic architecture, or inlaid wrought iron for a medieval aesthetic, adds a touch of historical allure. The roots of this architectural form can be traced back to the medieval period, with a notable revival during the Victorian Era.

Each item in the collection is meticulously crafted from Vietnamese mahogany hardwoods, incorporating wood, iron, granite, and marble details. Skilled artisans oversee every step of the process, ensuring the highest quality and resulting in the elegant beauty of the final product. The craftsmanship details include hand-turned barley twist legs and exquisite decorative wood carvings.

Whether furnishing a bedroom, bath, or seeking a decorative piece for your living room, the Gothic Nubian Palace Collection offers the perfect piece for every space. Customization is at the forefront, with the option for family crests or specific designs tailored to your space. Feel free to reach out for a personalized quote and bring the timeless allure of Gothic architecture into your home with our distinguished collection.

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