Carved Column Fireplace Surround


Pay a deposit of 50% per item
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  • Made From a Wood Material…Flammable
  • Mahogany Finish
  • Dark Brown Marble Top
  • Ornately Carved Scroll and Leaf Columns
Exterior 70W x 12.5D x 53.5H
Interior 45W x 10D x 42H
    Consists of:
    Carved Column Fireplace Screen

    Custom Hardwood Collection

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    Elevate your living space with the high-end craftsmanship of our Custom Hardwood Collection, proudly presented by Mallery Hall. Timeless in style and graceful in design, this collection embodies excellence, utilizing quality craftsmen and superior original materials.

    Crafted from the finest homegrown oak, cherry, and alder wood, as well as traditional veneers of mahogany, yew wood, walnut, and elm, our pieces stand as a testament to quality and authenticity. Care and attention to detail are woven into every stage of design, manufacturing, and shipping. While many of our offerings are inspired by well-known designs, we also cater to the unique requirements of our customers, creating bespoke pieces to complement individual preferences.

    The Timeless Art of Joinery is at the heart of our craftsmanship. Joinery, the art of connecting wood pieces without modern fasteners, is executed through traditional methods passed down through generations. Techniques like mortise and tenon joints, dovetail joints, and finger joints contribute to structurally sound and visually appealing creations, showcasing the enduring brilliance of human ingenuity.

    Advantages of Traditional Joinery Methods:

    1. Durability: Stronger connections distribute stress evenly, minimizing structural failure.
    2. Aesthetics: Decorative elements like exposed joints add character and charm.
    3. Sustainability: Traditional joinery reduces the environmental impact of woodworking.
    4. Skill Development: Mastering these techniques fosters a deep understanding of the craft.

    In addition to traditional joinery, our wood techniques include hand-turned carving methods, evident in our wood columns and barley twist designs. Utilizing the age-old method of story-sticking, each column becomes a masterpiece, offering a custom touch for your renovation, restoration, or new construction project.

    Custom Orders are welcomed with a 50% deposit, with lead times varying from 8 to 20 weeks based on the production schedule. Freight charges are calculated upon arrival at our warehouse and added to the final invoice.

    Visit our contact page to Request a Quote and explore our array of Finish Options. Let the Mallery Hall Custom Hardwood Collection be the embodiment of sophistication and quality in your home.


    Custom Hardwood Collection Finishes

    Level – 1

    Antique Pine




    Light Fruitwood


    Pickled Pine

    Level – 2

    Distressed Fruitwood

    Weathered Brown

    Weathered Ebony

    Weathered Pickle Pine

    Weathered White

    Level – 3

    Aged Oak

    Antique Bronze

    Antique Fossil

    Antique Gold

    Antique Ivory

    Antique Platinum


    Black Cherry

    Black Matte

    Cottage Green

    Cottage Red

    Cottage Sky

    Cottage Stone

    Cottage Yellow

    County White


    Florentine Black

    Florentine Brown

    Florentine White

    French Walnut


    Venetia Honey

    Vintage Beige

    Vintage Cream

    Vintage Gold

    Vintage White

    White Matte

    Level – 4

    Aged Provinvial

    Antique Bisque

    Antique Chestnut

    Antique Silver

    Antique Venetia

    Beige Crackle

    Black Crackle

    Cappuccino Crackle

    Distressed Antique Cherry

    Gloss Black

    Gloss Fuchsia

    Gloss Lime

    Gloss Red

    Gloss Silver

    Gloss White