Grand gold/crystal


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Each piece of the Authentic Originals is hand-crafted and painted individually, creating not only functional pieces of lighting and furniture, but pieces of art.
Every six months new pieces are designed. Some mediums used in this collection are hand-blown glass, glass stones, forged iron, brass, ceramics, silk, linen, and organic hand-made paper.
Along with unique, one-of-a-kind, table clocks, this line features furniture and accessories consisting of metal and glass cabinets, end tables, consoles, dressing tables, mirrors, accent floor vases, upholstered pieces, sconces and chandeliers in styles uniquely their own. each of these designed pieces is hand-made and different from the one before it.
The beauty and brilliance of these pieces scream for notice by your guests, and their rare designs are sure to become a unique focal-point, demanding an attention all it’s own. Please make note of the dimensions of these glamorous pieces-as they are even more beautiful and grand in scale.
  • Hanging Gold Crystal in grand, aristocratic scale
  • Crystal Metal
  • Pre-Wired
23-1/2DIA X 19-1/2H
    Consist Of:
    Grand gold/crystal