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Pecan Gathering Trestle Dining Table w/6 Counter Stools

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This dining table is carved from solid hardwood. Its rich antique white or pecan finish(choose your color), makes it the perfect centerpiece in any dining room. Gorgeous Accents! Don’t miss all the pieces that go with this set,bedroom, seating,living room and various chairs! CHOOSE YOUR COLOR CHAIRS!-PECAN OR MIX & MATCH WITH ANTIQUE WHITE CHAIRS!
  • Solid Hardwood
  • Carved Turned Trestle Base
  • In Antique White Or Pecan finish
  • Let us know if you need armchairs!
  • Mix and Match the Chairs!
TOP W96 x D44 x H36
Consists of:
Dining Table & 6 Counter Stools

<p>The French Colonial Collection</p>

<p>The French Colonial Collection is a tribute to the works of European trained and influenced American master-craftsmen. These artisans created fine furniture and were inspired by the golden age of the American dream. Rugged yet elegant, sturdy yet pleasing to the eye, this collection evokes the pioneering spirit and greatness of the early American colonies transitioning from their European roots. Each piece is hand crafted from start to finish.</p>

<p>In our magnificent collection, we feature solid mahogany furniture pieces. These designs are rare and unique replicas, usually seen in only the finest of old world estate homes. This collection, offered by special order only, is available in a number of incredible custom distressed finishes, adding to the sense of age and charm. Just to add a very special touch to this very special line, these pieces can be hand painted with more than 25 artistic designs (for a 10% surcharge, please see below). The art is applied by the artist as they feel best suits the design of the piece…. and no two are the same.?</p>

<p>Please note the imperfections are non-structural in nature, indigenous to the wood and are intentionally allowed or applied during finishing. Colors can be combined on a single piece?.</p>

<p>Note: For your convenience, please ask about our new Quick Ship program. This allows you to special order any of over 150 of our most popular pieces in the finish of your choice. Then it will be shipped and arrive within 8 weeks…practically unheard of with custom orders.</p>

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The Mallery Hall Collection</p>

<p>The Mallery Hall Collection wants to be your choice to assist with your home design needs. Our styles include Period, Classical, Traditional, Colonial, French, Italian, Antique Reproduction, Ethnic Art, Artifacts and Decorative pieces, etc. Browse all our collections, &amp; choose the best style for your home, or for that one special piece to bring it all together. Please visit our Custom Shoppe pages, to understand just what we can do for you! Do you have a family crest you need carved, or a unique piece for a one of a kind bedroom? Maybe you have a niche area that deserves a custom dimension. Visit our contact page to request a quote.</p>

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