Pastel Reclaimed Teak Wood Dresser (2)

Pastel Reclaimed Teak Wood Dresser with Mirror


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Indulge in the charm of reclaimed style with the Pastel Reclaimed Teak Wood Dresser, part of the World of Antiques Collection. Our Pastel Reclaimed Teak Wood Dresser crafted from sustainable teak wood, each piece showcases a subtle finish enhancing its beauty.

Skilled artisans create a uniquely dramatic statement with reclaimed teak wood and pastel finishes, exuding casual coastal charm. The whimsical, artful pieces in this collection radiate a blend of modern and vintage styles, featuring hand-carved accents. Across the front of the drawer is a unique, geometric design of hexagon-shaped pieces of teak wood that fit together in a simple yet intricate pattern.
Note: Coordinating dresser, nightstand, tall chest, and more complement this bedroom. Options to add these items at a discounted prices. Contact us for design assistance or other coordinating items.
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  • World of Antiques Collection
  • Exclusively Unique Reclaimed Details By Skilled Artisans
  • Dresser with Six Drawers
  • Made from Solid Teak Wood
  • Drawers are Soft-Closing With Metal Glides, and Each Includes Two Sleek Iron Handles in Antique Nickel Finish That Compliments the Vintage Teal Finish
  • Pastel Finishes for Coastal Flair or Modern Reclaimed
  • 50% Deposit Required  (12-16 Weeks Production Time if Not in Stock)
  • Visit our contact page to Request a Quote.
Dresser: 57W x 18D x 57H
Mirror: 37W x 1.5D x 44.5H

World of Antiques Collection,..Eastern Influence

Discover more pictures here at the WORLD of Antiques Collection
It’s a treasure trove of history and craftsmanship. Journey with us through Mexico’s rich heritage, the intricate art of Eastern Europe, the timeless elegance of Indian furniture from Jaipur, and the ancient allure of Chinese antiques. Each piece in our collection not only furnishes a space but also narrates the story of its origin. Each item brings a piece of the world into your home.

Where Royal Tradition Meets Modern Design

  • Mexican Antiques: Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Mexico through our collection. Here, each antique tells a story of tradition and artistry. It reflects the spirited Mexican ethos.
  • Eastern European Imports: Eastern Europe’s history is woven into every piece we’ve curated. From hand-carved details to rich, deep wood finishes, these imports are a testament to the region’s artistic legacy.
  • Indian Furniture: The Jaipur selection showcases India’s royal past. Crafted with precision, these pieces blend traditional motifs with modern aesthetics. They reflect the soul of Rajasthan.
  • Chinese Antiques: Our Chinese collection is a window to a world of ancient mastery. Each item carries with it the depth of Chinese history, rich in detail and steeped in tradition.

To explore the depth of our collection, particularly the Indian and Eastern European pieces, you can view our Signature Trade Route Style.

Craftsmanship in Exotic Hardwoods: From Sheesham to Acacia

The essence of our collection lies in the exceptional materials and meticulous construction. We source exotic hardwoods like Sheesham, Acacia, and Rosewood, which are each known for their durability and unique grain patterns. Our Mango and Rubber wood furniture, along with Alder wood selections, represent both quality and sustainability.

Each piece, treated against natural elements and crafted using age-old tenon and mortise joinery, is proof of our commitment to excellence. These woods undergo a kiln-drying process, so that they stand the test of time in both style and structure.

Experience the elegance of our craftsmanship and diverse materials by exploring our Mallery Hall Leathers.

Old World Craftsmanship: Hand-Painted Elegance and High-Quality Furniture

At the heart of our collection is a dedication to old-world craftsmanship. Our artisans skillfully incorporate hand-painted accents into each piece, bringing a personal touch to your home. The result is high-quality furniture that doesn’t just occupy space but enhances it while offering both beauty and longevity. This commitment to quality guarantees that each piece from our collection becomes a cherished part of your home’s story.

Artistic and Custom Furniture Designs for Unique Home Décor

Just imagine your home adorned with pieces from the World of Antiques Collection. No matter if it’s custom-designed furniture that captures your unique style or artistic pieces that speak to your aesthetic sensibilities, our collection offers something for every discerning taste. Envision these timeless pieces bringing character and elegance to your living spaces. Take a look at some of our Unique Tooled Leather Pieces with custom designs to get an idea of our beautiful pieces.

Discover the World of Antiques

Explore the unique, globally-inspired World of Antiques Collection. Each piece awaits to add its story to your home. Intrigued? Visit our Contact Page, and let’s discuss how we can bring a piece of the world into your living space. You will also be able to get a custom quote. Your next treasure is just a click away.

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