White Mud Pottery Napkin Rings (6)


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  • Hand Forged Iron Collection
  • White Mud Pottery
  • Distressed Finish with a brown undercoat
  • 6 Rings come in their own matching decorative dish
  • All rings are decorated differently to make a striking table setting
    White Mud Pottery Napkin Rings (3″ x 3″)
    Decorative Holding Dish ( 5″H x 7″W x 10″L)
Consists of:
    White Mud Pottery Napkin Rings
Coordinating Items:
    White Mud Pottery Tray…20″L x 11″D x 7″H
    White Mud Pottery Soap Dish…8″L x 6″D x 5″H
    White Mud Pottery Urn…13″Dia x 10″h
    White Mud Pottery Bowl…17″L x 11″D x 7″H
    White Mud Pottery Vase…11″ L x 11″D x 20″H
    White Mud Pottery Mockingbird Planter…12″ L x 7″D x 7″H
Hand Forged Iron Collection
It is the love for the traditional craft and meticulous attention to detail that make this collection unique. Each of our handmade items reflects the skill and dedication to quality of the craftsman who work on them.
All of our products are shaped by heating and hammering solid iron. No part is hollow tubing, or aluminum castings. Each piece is considered bone-of-a-kind band comes with its unique characteristics. Our Limestone is hand cut from Egypt. This attention to detail takes more time, and is more difficult to produce. Our products are a bit more expensive, but are crafted for those who want real things
It is this relentless effort that sets us apart from our competition. The results are heirloom quality products that will be enjoyed for many years to come.